Motherhood Moment Celsius energy drink reviewThe editor of Motherhood Moment offers reviews coupons and advice. She recently posted a Celsius energy drink review emphasizing Celsius calorie reducing drink benefits to her network of online mothers about keeping up with their kids by drinking Celsius. In her energy drink review she discussed how Celsius works its ingredients the various flavors and more.

Strawberry Kiwi energy drink reviewOverall the review was positiveI’m not a big fan of carbonated drinks in general and I really don’t like cola. My husband tried the cola drink and it was fine – every cola has a little bit different taste so if you’re expecting your favorite brand it probably won’t match up but if you just think of it as a different cola you’ll be fine. I was most worried about the green tea flavor since I also don’t like tea but with the raspberry acai flavors I had no problem drinking that. The other flavors were good especially strawberry kiwi. What I really liked is that there are no artificial flavors colors or preservatives and no sugar either.

She noted that Strawberry Kiwi was her favorite. She included a list of retailers where readers can purchase Celsius online as well as a link to the Celsius Store Locator. Celsius does not recommend women that are pregnant or are still lactating drink Celsius. 

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