In 2013, Valerie reached out to let us know how much Celsius had helped her on her weight loss journey. Three years later, Valerie is still drinking Celsius and is continuing to maintain her drastic weight loss. To date, Valerie has lost 135 pounds through diet, exercise and her daily Celsius. 

Q&A with Valerie About Her Weight Loss Success

What was going on in your life that made you decide to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle?
Sure … Publicly sharing my story helps to keep me accountable. I hope someone will read this and feel inspired and motivated to make a lifestyle change. After having my first child, I weighed 290 lbs. and was wearing a size 32W pants – at my heaviest. I even had a hard time trying to climb a flight of stairs. That’s when I finally got motivated and lost 70 lbs. over the course of 9 months. When I had my daughter 2.5 years ago, I gained some weight back with pregnancy. Around that time I found Celsius and it motivated me to go all the way and I lost another 65 lbs. Today I am happily wearing a size 6 and I have maintained my weight loss of 135 lbs. for over a year.

What a journey! It obviously takes time and discipline to achieve such great results. What has helped you stay on track and kept you motivated?
It has taken a lot of effort to reach my goal and I don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe again. I got rid of my clothes that were too big. I figure if I keep them around, I will eventually grow back into them. I like being able to grab clothes off the rack and actually have them fit. I no longer have to shop at special stores that have extended sizes and I like the way I feel in my own skin.

How were you first introduced to Celsius and what made you want to try it?
I saw an infomercial about Celsius on TV and thought that it would help me with the energy I so desperately needed after having a new baby and being sleep deprived. In the mornings I never want to get up. I feel like a walking zombie! I mix my Celsius powder and begin my morning routine. Within minutes, I feel energized and ready to go.

After reaching some of your weight loss goals, why do you continue to drink Celsius?
I feel like Celsius is a huge part of my weight loss transformation because it gets me moving! I would not go a day without it. I drink a Celsius at 4:50 a.m. every morning I wake up so I can get in an early workout. It gives me the boost I need to wake up and have a good training session. I also like that I can pronounce all of the ingredients on the label. That is very important to me.

Celsius helped me to accelerate my transformation because it is sugar free. Sugar is a huge trigger for me, so I need something that will satisfy my cravings without causing me to desire something unhealthy. With Celsius I am also able to cut excess calories from sugar-filled drinks and coffee.

I continue to drink it because I understand the product, I know what it is and I feel good recommending it.

You stated that you drink Celsius before your workouts. What type of exercise routine do you follow?
I decided to change up my workouts and currently use the Daily Burn App on my phone. I recently moved and haven’t found a gym in my new city, so I needed something I could do at home and in the morning. The Daily Burn App is a great tool, even though it is virtual. I feel like I am part of a group. If you get bored or feel like things aren’t working, try a new routine – change it up! Do something different every day.

That is great advice. It seems time and cost effective. What are some other tips you can tell others who are looking to make weight loss transformations in their lives?

  • They have to do it for themselves and no one else, or they will not succeed.
  • Weight loss is a gradual process. Think about how long have you been over weight and how long did it take you to get there? It was a gradual process, not overnight.
  • The key is to NOT give up and keep moving.
  • It’s not a fad, it is not a diet – it is a new lifestyle.
  • You need to change the way you look at food and exercise.
  • Portion control is important.
  • Nutrient-dense food will curb your cravings. Focus on the quality as opposed to the quantity.
  • Your health is worth all the time in the world. If you are sitting down and watching TV you can make a home cooked meal. If I can do it (and I have a busy life), I know others can do it too. If you have to wake up an hour earlier to reach your goals – do it – you are worth it!
  • Some people get so caught up on the number on the scale. You can’t always look at the scale, it serves as a good reminder but your clothes and inches are a better measurement system.

What has been the most rewarding thing for you during this entire journey?
When most people hit a goal, they back off of their routine. Instead, I like to continually challenge myself. So, being able to run a 5k, and coming in at 6th place – that was awesome! Being able to physically carry myself better, doing a push up or a sit up, going up and down the stairs and not being out of breath…

Once I got rid of my larger clothes, I was done and would not give myself any room to gain the weight back. Being able to go into the stores and grabbing items off the rack and not at a specialty store is a personal victory each time I shop.

What surprised you / what was different from what you were expecting as you made your way through your weight loss journey?
Some friends were jealous of my progress…that was disappointing. I was also surprised at how people treat me differently now…like my opinion matters more. Drastic weight loss can put a strain on relationships, but I am blessed that my fiancé loved me when I was heavier and also at a healthier weight. Having support from your partner and others around you will help make the journey easier.

Even though I have lost weight, I still view myself as a “big girl”. Losing a lot of weight comes with a few things some people do not realize, like loose skin and stretch marks. The hardest thing to overcome is my self image. People have an image in their mind of what they will look like when they begin their journey. Once you get to the end of having drastic weight loss, it is hard seeing that you do not fit the image you imagined for yourself — but nothing is worth more than your health. I often look at where I came from and how good I feel.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for letting me share my story. Celsius helped with my weight loss transformation and I hope my story can inspire others to make the decision to live a healthier and more active life.

Hobbies/ Passions: Reading, painting, nature walks with my family
Favorite Food: My homemade hummus
Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate
What is your exercise/workout routine? Training/Cardio 30-40 min 6 days a week
What type of diet or nutrition plan do you follow? I eat a plant-based whole food diet
Weight Loss: 75 lbs. since Jan 2013 – total weight loss, 135 lbs.
Favorite Flavor of Celsius: On-the-Go stick packets (berry blast and orange)

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