Month one of the 90 day Move It to Lose It coaching program with Zak D. has come to an end. During our initial conversation, I met with Zak and we focused on setting goals. Most of the goals started very broad i.e. “I want to start going to the gym” or “I want to lose weight.” While it is nice to set goals, you also need an action plan in order to make those goals attainable.  From our first meeting, I helped Zak create goals that were more specific and easily attainable. So instead of “I want to lose weight.” his goal turned in to “I want to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month.” In order to lose weight, Zak wanted to change his diet, monitor his caloric intake and increase his activity level. By slowly tackling these small goals and making them a routine, Zak will be able to achieve his overall goal in the long run.

Tracking Progress

During our first meeting, I brought Zak a list that was full of information, motivation and items that I wanted him to keep in mind. Some things were simple changes such as; drinking more water, making more food at home and choosing healthier alternatives when eating out. I also looked at his current weight and height and applied it to a basal metabolic calculator to find out how many calorie he needs to consume per day in order to maintain his current weight. From there, we would gradually lower his daily caloric intake and also increase his caloric expenditure through physical activity. I recommended Zak to use the My Fitness Pal app to track his daily food intake. The app also allows Zak to track his workouts and gives him a macronutrient breakdown for the day and the week. It also graphs out how many carbohydrates, fat and protein Zak consumes. I always recommend this app because it is very user friendly and helps hold my clients accountable for their daily actions. By keeping a food and activity log, Zak will become more aware of his daily habits. Zak kept in touch on a weekly basis and was always open and honest about how his training and diet were going. In the first 30 days of the  Zak has dropped 8 pounds and is beginning to incorporate some of the health tips that I provided into his daily routine.

Weight is Just a Number

This morning, I sent Zak this picture reminding him to not stress about the pounds and numbers on the scale. I personally got rid of my scale years ago. I would obsess over the numbers and would never take into account how I actually felt. This 90 day program should be about learning habits that will help Zak live a healthier lifestyle what will last a lifetime. Weight loss is a wonderful byproduct that will come from making healthier choices all around.

"If it were easy, everyone would be in shape!"

This month, Zak and I plan on meeting up a few times for training in person. I am going to push him to challenge himself. Sometimes we do not know what we are physically capable of. Our mind usually gives up before the body. Below is a synopsis from Zak about his experience in the first 30 days!

“Hey Angeles, here is my progress update. I feel that I have been slacking in a sense. Between work and being sick I have not been consistent in the gym and my diet has been below par. As of today, I am back in the gym Monday thru Friday and my diet will be amazing. I plan to put your home workouts to use starting today and I plan to use the recipes you provided. I am also going to take advantage of any and all tools at my disposal. I have asked friends to check in on me and keep me motivated so that I do not cheat. I feel like it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get back to where I want to be. If it were easy then everyone would be in shape! I am going to taking pictures everyday to give myself the motivation I need to push forward. I also look forward to meeting up with you and doing some training when possible. My current weight is 277 lbs.”


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