Whether it's before a workout or for an extra boost of clean energy,  Mommy Memorandum blogger Julee had a lot to say about Celsius.  Check out what she had to say and visit her site for more!

Sometimes I need a pick me up and Celsius Drinks answers the need. I'm not one to indulge in energy drinks often. Since being on Nutrisystem, I've cut way back on soda…like one or two per week. Water is my drink of choice but sometimes I want more. I am calorie conscious and want something that doesn't remind me I'm dieting.

I'm of the thought that watching what you consume is the best way to ignite metabolism, however, I also know, first-hand, that dieting can zap your energy. Traditional energy drinks give the boost, however their ingredients and calories aren't necessarily a good choice. This is where Celsius comes in. It's an energy drink that claims to boost metabolism by up to twelve percent and increase energy for up to three hours. The ingredients are natural and a blend of antioxidant rich ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Biotin, Guarana Seed and Calcium. Celsius boasts that it keeps dieters alert, focused and slim and burns up to 100 calories per bottle.

I've seen Celsius at stores I visit frequently, Kroger and Walgreens and it's fairly priced.

After drinking Celsius Drinks I do feel a boost in my energy. It's a gradual increase and decrease. I like this because it doesn't give me the jitters or make me feel pooped when it's over. It's just a nice elevation that helps me keep up with the schedules or make it through a work out. Celsius Drinks has been added to my workouts or anytime I just need some added Oomph!

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