Faithful Celsius drinker, Chad Demchik, is officially the newest Celsius sponsored athlete. Chad is a certified personal trainer who eats, sleeps and breathes the healthy and active lifestyle. When Chad is not training his clients, he spends most of his time in the gym sculpting his own body as a national level National Physique Committee (NPC) Men’s Physique Competitor. Chad is also a print model and has been featured in Muscular Development, Men’s Health, and Muscle & Fitness publications as well as Nike and Under Armor advertising. Chad stood out to us at Celsius because he participates in community outreach that focuses on teaching the youth in his area about being healthy and active. As a healthy beverage company, the Celsius team understands the importance of educating young people about the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet. Chad also enjoys motivating and inspiring others around him, so be sure to read some of his workout routines and motivational posts that we will soon be featuring here in the Live Healthy Community. Be on the lookout for more news of Chad as he prepares to step onto the national stage in hopes of obtaining professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding’s (IFBB) Men’s Physique division. Below you will find a testimonial from Chad.


“Each day I want to make a difference in the world. I wake up and ask myself, how can I live today to create the tomorrow I'm committed to? I do my best to be inspiring to those around me in hopes that they can make changes in their life that will better themselves. As a trainer and physique competitor, I am introduced to new products daily. One of my friends who is in great shape introduced me to Celsius. I am always open to try new and innovative products, so I tried Celsius and immediately loved the taste. Two years later, I still use Celsius because it gives me the results I want on top of my regular routine of clean eating and strength training.  Celsius is also a healthy alternative for energy that helps me create the physique I need to maintain for competition or modeling.”


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