We had a chance to sit and talk with Ashley so she could tell us her Celsius story.

How do you stay in shape?

To stay in shape I love to run bridges, I live in Daytona Beach so there are a few to choose from and it’s a great workout.  They are tough to run but thanks to Celsius I have enough energy to get the perfect workout!

What kind of exercises do you do and how often?

I am huge on cardio because I love running but other than that I like to use stability balls for abs and light free weights to tone all over.  I usually workout 3-4 days a week even though I have at least one Celsius everyday!!

Do you have any tricks on eating or nutrition to share?

Start each day off with a Celsius and eat many small meals all day. The trick is not only one meal; it takes many small meals to keep your body moving!

How did you find Celsius?

I found Celsius at my local Publix and I was hooked! My sister and I would buy out the stock they had and loved trying all the new flavors that would come out.

When and how often do you drink Celsius?

EVERYDAY!  My day is not the same without it!

How has it helped you?

Celsius has helped me get going!  When I feel like sitting around and being lazy, Celsius is always there to make me want to be productive.

Who else in your family drinks Celsius?

My sister also loves Celsius along with a number of my friends but no one loves Celsius like I do, other than my best friend Courtney. When Courtney and I went out of town once, the first day we flew in, before we even went to the house we were staying in, we drove all over the city googling everything we could to find the local Celsius distributor and when we finally found some we were like kids in a candy store buying as many as we could hold. Even though that trip wasn't the best we couldn't wait to wake up every morning and have a Celsius together.

Have any of your friends or family gotten fitness results?

I have seen results from about 90% of everyone I have introduced Celsius to, which is what I love most about this fitness drink. It is easy to brag about it because every word I have to say about it is true; it is honestly the best-kept secret!

Do you have another job that you work at as well or do you attend school?

I do have another job, I am an esthetician and I love my job! The schooling is a breeze if you love what your doing.

How did you decide to compete in this event?

I decided to compete in the event because I wanted to do something new and to hopefully get promotional work and never expected to do so well!

Have you competed in other fitness competitions or won others?

I have done some bikini contest with my friends for fun and won them as well, but nothing with this type of exposure.

Have you been to Vegas before? I have not been to Vegas before; January will be my first time so it adds to the excitement of what is to come!

What do you have to do to prepare for the next level of competition?

To prepare for the world finals in January I will just be continuing on my regular workouts and of course keep up with my Celsius. I won't do to much out of my ordinary routines, because if I am lucky enough to place high in the competition I want to do it as me not someone I turned into just for this!

It sounds as if you are in a very exciting time of your life.

I am in an extremely exciting time in my life, I feel very lucky to have come this far and I’m excited to see what is in the future.

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