Mile High Mom Celsius ReviewGlendell, Mile High Mom from the beautiful Colorado mountains, recently gave us her motherly opinion about the lasting energy of Celsius – and she approves! In her review, Glendell tells readers, "I have tried all of their energy drinks and I love the flavor, they are healthy to drink and they actually help burn calories. Yup, you heard me right, this drink is not just to boost your energy, but it will help you lose some extra pounds. Isn’t that awesome?" …We think it's awesome and we are proud to share the scientific studies to prove it really works! 

Glendell's readers enjoy reading about her family adventures, travel, cultural interests, and of course her reviews of innovative and exciting products moms to make moms' lives easier. In addition to the energy and metabolism boost of Celsius, Glendell's readers will appreciate the convenience of our on-the-go sticks. In the review, she also tells the health-conscious moms who read her blog about the healthy ingredients in sugar free Celsius. 

Thank you, Glendell, for sharing your great review of Celsius on Mile High Mom.

Click here to read more about Glendell's new favorite way to burn extra calories and jumpstart her day.





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