Gaining weight during pregnancy is a common struggle that women deal with as part of motherhood. But in many cases, the “baby weight” wants to stick around for good. With the help of her trainer, Mery decided to take action by  incorporating one can of Celsius into her daily routine. 

Meredith headshotQ & A with Mery

What was going on in your life that made you want to make a lifestyle change?

As a mother of two in my mid-thirties, I wanted to get back in shape and lose the weight I had gained over two pregnancies. I wanted to get fit once and for all. I had been working with a trainer for a couple years, but still wanted to lose that last 10 pounds that had been lingering around. I also wanted to gain muscle, get my diet under control, be in better shape and have more energy. Feeling good in my clothes and be consistent with exercise were other goals of mine at the time. Exercise is a great outlet for my stress!

How did you discover Celsius?

JoAnn, my trainer, approached me with the Celsius as the possible boost I needed to finally buckle down and lose the weight. I found that Celsius helped me with the energy I needed to get great workouts in after a long day of work and caring for my children. Celsius also helped curb my appetite. I liked that my trainer and I had a set time frame, which kept me focused.

What were your results from adding Celsius to your daily routine?

By adding Celsius to my daily routine, so far I lost those 10 pounds- all while dropping inches and body fat. Celsius has helped me reach my goals even faster.

What do you think makes Celsius unique?

I like that Celsius isn’t too strong. I am a migraine sufferer- so I was skeptical since I had used some energy drinks in the past. When they wore off, I always had a bad headache. I didn’t experience that at all with Celsius!

What tips can you provide for anyone trying to get fit or make a healthy lifestyle change?

• You can’t look at trying to lose a lot of weight in its entirety- it’s too overwhelming and you will not succeed. Commit to small goals and then once you achieve them, set more!
• When you cheat on your diet or miss a workout don’t let that become your reason to self-sabotage. You have to just pick up where you left off and not let it ruin your whole day/week/month.

Mery’s Fun Facts

Trained By: JoAnn Gerbasio based out of New Jersey. Training info available at Gerbasio Fitness.
Favorite Celsius Flavor: Sparkling Orange
Hobbies/ Passions: Weight training and cooking
Favorite Food: Pizza (when not dieting!), salads and coffee
Guilty Pleasures: Pizza and reality TV
Favorite Type of Training: High intensity interval training and kickboxing

Congratulations on all of your success with Celsius. Best of luck with the rest of your fitness journey- we hope Celsius can be there with you every step of the way!

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