Heisman Steps with Angeles BurkeSummer weather is finally here and it’s time to hang up the sweaters and get a metabolism boost to the max! This month, Celsius and Celsius Fitness Expert, Angeles Burke, are featured on DietsinReview.com in an article and slideshow titled, “Saturday Morning Drill: The Ultimate Summer Body Tone Up.” 

In the piece, Angeles Burke offers a lower body workout to tone your legs, glutes and core for the summer while getting a great metabolism boost. The editor describes the proper way to do each movement and the workout’s benefits. The article also contains a slideshow of photos that demonstrates each move with a full description of how to properly execute the move. The five lower body workout moves included in the article are Switch Lunges, Side Planks, X Squats, Leap Frog Squats and Heisman Hops. If you are feeling a little sluggish due to being inside all winter, then head outdoors and try these five lower body workout moves from Celsius that are sure to give you energy as you get  toned and trim for the summer.

Read the full article at DietsinReview.com and learn how you can get a good metabolism boost while sculpting the summer body you have been dreaming of!

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