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Some days getting to the gym is not an option. Rather than skipping out on your workout completely, try the lower body at home workout listed below. Perform as many repetitions as possible for the exercise in the minute time frame. Remember to have good form and take breaks as needed.  After the 6 exercises are completed, rest for 30 seconds and then begin the next round. The entire workout from start to finish will take 26 minutes. When workout is completed, cool down and stretch.

Fit Tip: Download a FREE interval timer app on your phone to help you keep track of the one minute intervals. You can also set up a free online timer here.

Lower Body at Home Workout Descriptions

Toe Taps– Find a small item or step about 6 inches off of the ground and begin by placing your right toes lightly on the step and quickly bring foot back down and alternate feet as fast as possible. Keep arms up and pumping by your sides and keep your upper body tall.

Skater Lunges– Start standing with your feet directly underneath you. Bring your right leg behind you at an angle crossing towards your left side. Get low and then hop to the other side landing on your right leg and bringing your left leg behind you. Pump your arms with each hop to help you get more lateral distance and challenge your stability.

High Knees– Bring alternating knees up to your chest as fast as you can. Pump your arms from side to side or keep hands up near your chest.

180 Squat Hops– Start in a wide stance squat and then jump and spin in mid air and land facing the opposite side in a squat. If this becomes too difficult you can jump to the side and back to the front until you can gain enough power to jump and twist. Make sure to land softly with your feet and keep all the weight in your heels. Sit back into the squat and get low!

Mountain Climbers– Start this move in a plank position. Keep your shoulders directly over your hands. Bring alternating knees up to your chest. Make sure that your hips remains low as you begin to get tired.

Wall Sit– Stand facing away from a wall with your back against it. Slowly walk your feet forward and slide your back down the wall until you are in a seated position and your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Hold the move. If this becomes too simple for you, you can place your hands out in front of you or over your head. You can also hold one leg up while the opposite foot is on the floor.

Here is a video tutorial that will let you see the proper form:

What exercises do you enjoy doing at home with no equipment? If you get creative, the possibilities are endless. Leave your favorite body weight workouts in the comment section below!


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