Mile 776: Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus, Days 11 – 13

The past few days have been a whirlwind. As we approach Day 14 of our 2500 mile bike ride , I have become convinced that Gatorskins, Mr. Tuffy, waterproof gear and Celsius energy drink  are biking gear must- haves. I am good on the last two but we wish would have paid more attention to toughness of tire gear in our research. Mary has had a flat for the past two mornings.


Our blog left off at us packing up from Gulf Shores State Park and heading to Fort Morgan, Alabama to take the ferry across Mobile Bay. The Ft. Morgan Ferry ride was great. I caught a little of it on video.

The bridge following the ferry was not great. I caught it on video as well. (You can see some of our video clips on the Spirit of America YouTube playlist.) The bridge was long but pretty flat so that was good news.

We arrived at our designated stop, Dauphin Island Park & Beach Board, around 1:00pm. As there did not seem a lot to do, we decided to press on and found a Guest House Hotel in Bayou La Batre, in Alabama.

Sunday morning, we woke up to another flat tire on Mary’s bike. I fixed it and we pressed on for a rather uneventful day, passing through Buloxi and on to Long Beach, Mississippi. We only had 16 miles to go to our campsite but it was getting dark and we were out of steam. We found first a Holiday Inn and then a Holiday Inn Express Inn. Holiday’s are not as enthusiastic about providing discounts as most of the other hotels we have stayed. We checked in to the Holiday Inn Express and enjoyed a clean room was clean and we were exhausted. Breakfast the next morning was very good as well.

We woke up Monday morning to ominous clouds and yet another flat tire on Mary’s bike. A bike shop in New Orleans is definitely on our biking travels sightseeing list. I was again repaired the tire again to get us started for a  it and we were off…for a long, desolate ride in the rain, facing into the wind. The ride from Long Beach into New Orleans was surreal. We could have been the only two people on the planet for all we knew. We saw nothing but beautiful back road country for 50 miles.

Our rain gear and Showers Pass passed the test. We are grateful we had Celsius with us to keep our metabolism going. In our short time, it has gotten us over the hump more than once.If you are a serious bike rider, man, you got to try this.

It was a long, wet, and hard ride.We came into New Orleans from the east around dusk and made it to the center of Mardi Gras, New Orleans style. We found a hotel right off Bourbon St. After securing our biking gear and getting into some dry clothes, we headed out for a little seafood at the famed Oceanic Seafood House. We were not disappointed! The food was delicious and, since we plan to stay put for a few days, the drinks were relaxing indeed. We will be taking this opportunity to   explore New Orleans for a few days before we take off for Texas. We will keep you posted on what we discover and we will be posting pictures to our Pinterest board and other Spirit of America social media accounts (you can find them all here). If you have traveled to New Orleans before and can recommend your favorite spots that we must see while we’re here, please let us know in the comments.

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