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Review Conclusion: I liked it. 🙂 I guess I'll be buying my Celsius now.

Jason loses 70 pounds. "Kat loses 120 pounds" These are just a couple of the success stories you can read in Real People Real Results.

I have been an energy drink fanatic for years. At one point I was drinking three energy drinks per day. I had to kick that habit for a couple of reasons. It got too expensive (at $2 per can) and I think I was becoming an energy drink junky. After the first drink wore off I was jonesing for the next. I didn't notice this craving with Celsius. They seemed to leave my system slowly and I really didn't notice any crash whatsoever.

The taste? I liked it. Well to be honest their drinks are sweetened with sucralose – a flavor of which I have never been a fan. After I got used to the "sugar free" taste I really started to enjoy them. And I really didn't notice the sucralose taste as much with Celsius as I have with other drinks. That was the worst part. The best part? They have a ton of flavors and are available as both carbonated and non-carbonated. I think the Strawberry Kiwi was my favorite but the Peach Mango was a strong second.

Now for the powder mixes. They score an A++ for convenience and flavor. In single serving packets all I had to do was tear it open and add it to a glass of water.  Again there were many flavors to choose from. I didn't notice the sugar free taste at all with the powder mixes.

I only drank them for a week so I really cannot speak to weight loss. (Celsius if you're reading I'd be willing to do a weight loss trial. )  I was energetic and happy. And as I mentioned I noticed no crash from the drinks. They contain 100% of several vitamins and supplement extracts. I'm sure that accounts for how good I've been feeling all week (despite the stress/running around of the holidays).

These opinions are my own. In fact I didn't even receive product from Celsius. I won a giveaway  and liked Celsius so well I decided to write my own review


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