Before & AfterFitness Tips from Celsius customers – Real People with Real Results that have made lasting changes to either get fit or stay fit. Check out their tips and see what works best for you.

Eric’s Real Tips:

  • You can’t do it alone, your whole house needs a diet makeover.
  • Create 4-5 controlled calorie meals and stick with  them.
  • Cut out all fast food and only go out to eat 1 time per week.
  • Push yourself on your workouts, but not too hard at first.
  • You didn’t become overweight overnight.. so you won’t lose it overnight – set long term goals.

Robert’s Real Tips:

  • Try “Eating For Life” by Brian Phillips – very easy to understand and use.
  • Take one day off a week to eat for enjoyment.
  • Exercise religiously 3 times a week, start with walking, jogging, and then running.
  • It takes time! Plan on losing 2-3 lbs a month.

Liz, Billie, Kat, Lisa:


  • Snack on 100 calorie packs. Nuts, cheese sticks, pretzels.
  • Cut back on sugar.
  • Don’t drink your calories –  no sodas, and for some, no calorie laden beer.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Drink Celsius before shopping, when you have more energy, you are less likely to make bad choices.
  • If night time snacking is a problem, use Crest White Strips, you won’t want to eat or drink afterwards

And all said: “Drink Celsius before you exercise! It helps get you off the couch and to the gym or outside, you work out harder, get better results and feel better”.



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