At one point, we all have set some type of diet or lifestyle goal in hopes of being healthier and happier. But how long did you stick to these goals? Probably not very long…

Why does this happen? It’s simple. Oftentimes people try to make changes that are unrealistic and unattainable for everyday life. Telling yourself “I will never eat a dessert again”, “Anything with sugar is off limits” or “I will work out 7 days a week” is taking things too far.

These drastic lifestyle changes and restrictions are not realistic. If you slip up one time, you will feel like you have failed. Want to succeed? Set yourself up for success with these 7 lifestyle changes for quick weight loss results.

1. Drink 1 Celsius a day.
Accelerate your transformation by adding 1 Celsius to your daily routine. Celsius is proven to burn body fat, boost metabolism and burn calories at the same time! Celsius is also sugar free and tastes great. So, put your typical diet drinks away and choose Celsius as a healthier alternative that is proven to work.

2. Allow for 1 dessert item a week.
When going on a diet, desserts tend to be off limits. Going cold turkey in this situation can end up with you eating the whole cake! Limit yourself to one small dessert a week in order to satisfy your sweet tooth and then it is right back on track. Indulging on occasion allows for you to not feel deprived. If you feel deprived, there are more chances of you falling off track.

3. Limit sugar intake by reducing soda and candies.
Swearing off sugar is impossible. It is found naturally in items like fruit, and sneakily added into some of our everyday favorites. For items that we know are sugar rich, try limiting rather than eliminating them. Reducing the amount of sugar you eat can adjust your palate, and before you know it, some items may begin to taste too sweet.

4. Go to the gym or workout with moderate intensity 3 days a week.
Training 7 days a week is overboard! Your body needs a day or two to repair and rest. Over-training can lead to injury, so allow a few days of activity followed by a few days of rest. You will not gain weight by taking this much needed recovery if you keep your diet in check.

5. Go for a weekly walk during your break at work.
Are you known to work through your lunch or sit around and gossip? Then switch it up by getting up and getting some fresh air. Walking during your break will boost metabolism and clear your mind for the remaining activities you have for the rest of the work day.

6. Pack your meals for work a few days a week.
Buying prepared or fast food puts a dent in your wallet and adds inches to your waistline. A few days a week, prepare your own meals and bring them with you to work or lunch rather than eating out. You will save money and calories.

7. Keep healthy snacks nearby.
Many diets are ruined by temptation and nibbles. By keeping healthy snacks nearby, you are more likely to choose the healthier option if it is available. A small step in planning ahead can make a huge difference in the long run.

If you have tried to make lifestyle changes in the past but could not seem to follow through with them, try these simple and maintainable tips for quick weight loss results. Small modifications can yield big changes over time.

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