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Celsius consumers enthusiastically spread the word of how Celsius has helped them get fit and stay fit.  The results they share are: reduced body fat, weight loss, and changes in their body composition to have more muscle and less fat. See their stories on TV news, Facebook, magazine covers, newspapers, radio interviews, blog sites,  and on videos.

Below are quotes from a few of our customers. They all used Celsius before their workouts to maximize their results. Many also made changes in what they ate and how they exercised. Besides Celsius, what were their secrets to success? Read their tips in Healthier By Degrees. Have you gotten results? We’d love to hear from you – email us at! If you haven’t started drinking Celsius before exercise, what are you waiting for? And thank you, to our Celsius fans, who have helped to spread the word about Celsius to your friends, clients, and the media.

Lisa: “I lost 180 lbs and kept it off!”

Kat: “I lost 120 lbs and kept it off!”

Tom: “I lost 60 lbs, 8 inches, and 20% body fat and I feel stronger & healthier than I have my entire life!”

Jason: “I dropped 56 lbs and now run marathons!” (Deputy)

Walt: “Thank you for giving me my life back! I lost 208 lbs!”

Tim: “I lost 91 lbs and am no longer diabetic!”

Mark: “I lost 60 lbs and 8 inches off my waist! And went on a 40 mile hike with my son!”

Rebeeca: “I lost 54 lbs with Celsius and playing Just Dance on my Wii!”

BJ: “I lost 72 lbs with Celsius and Zumba dancing!”

Bill: “I lost 50 lbs and 7 inches! Celsius is fantastic!”

Robert: “I lost 60 lbs and feel great inside and out!”

DJ: “I lost 25 lbs in one month! I’m a fan for life. I’ll tell everyone my secret!”

Eric: “Celsius has helped me reach my personal best! I run faster, have great workouts and am losing the toughest last few pounds. My wife is hooked and now runs 5k’s with me!”

Ken: “I lost 16 lbs exercising with Celsius and without Celsius when exercising, I gain the weight again!” (soldier)

Liz: “I lost 36 lbs in a few months!”

GB: “I lost 38 lbs and I recommend Celsius to my clients!”

Hillary: “I lost 50 lbs and at 59 years old, I thought I never would”

Jock: “I lost 17 lbs and trimmed my midsection!”

Chuck: “I lost 42 lbs and have gone from size 44 to size 40 pants!”

Natasha: “I lost 42 lbs, after 6 kids & 13 yrs, I thought it would never come off!”

Rob: “I lost 36 lbs & 6 inches in 2 months – Thanks for living up to your hype!”

Eric: “I lost 17 ½ lbs – much needed as I am an army recruiter!”

Jennifer: “I lost 10 lbs after being stuck at a plateau for 2 yrs!”

Chad: "I lost 35 lbs – thank you for transforming my life!"

William: “I built more muscle and lost 6% body fat with Celsius!”

Andrew: “I found my missing abs, from a formerly skeptical, fitness enthusiast!”

Kristen: “I drink Celsius before strenuous professional ballet performances!” (physical therapist)

Dave: “Your product is amazing! I am in the best shape of my life! I recommend Celsius to my clients and they have lost on average 4-8 pounds a month!”

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