Reaching weight loss success takes time, patience and discipline. After his son’s birth, Leo knew it was time for him to live a more active and healthy life. Since finding Celsius, Leo has lost over 100 pounds and his journey is just beginning! As we all know, this type of weight loss success does not happen over night. Leo proves that with determination, you can reach your goals.

Leo first found Celsius on Amazon in 2010 when he was searching for healthy food options and health products. ” I wanted to change my unhealthy lifestyle and it seemed like a great item to purchase to help me get to where I needed to go.” When most people decide to make drastic lifestyle changes, there is always some type of driving force. In Leo’s case, “I wanted to lose weight at the time for my health because my son was recently born.”

With more than 100 pounds to lose, Leo needed the determination and energy to reach his goals. “Celsius helped give me the extra push I needed to get up, go to the gym and run.” And it wasn’t just exercise alone, ” In order to get healthy, I also changed my diet.” Now Leo typically eats fruit for breakfast, ground turkey or chicken breast for lunch, a protein shake around dinner time and fiber bars for snacks. “I have also given up drinking Monsters, Red Bulls, and soda since I began drinking Celsius. I think Celsius has a lot more to offer than all of these put together when it comes to one’s health – and flavor.”

As we all know, success does not come without setbacks and struggles. Shortly after the birth of his son, Leo became a single parent. As a student working towards his bachelor’s degree, Leo was now faced with the goals of being a good father, passing college courses and maintaining this new found healthy lifestyle. “During midterms and finals, it can get hard trying to find the energy to train and the willpower to not reach for comfort foods.” With that being said, Leo is still maintaining his weight loss and is set to graduate in the near future.

Leo Q 3Get to Know Leo

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Hobbies/Passions: I enjoy running along the lake front and doing puzzles with my son.

Favorite Food: I love to eat Chicken in Mole Sauce with handmade tortillas.

Guilty Pleasures: My guilty pleasure is Cherry Garcia Froyo with Celsius Cola – as a float.

Training Routine: 3 to 5 miles a day: running, jogging and walking. Chest presses, bench presses, push ups, sit ups, curls and weighted lunges.

Since starting out on this life-changing journey, Leo has joined running groups and participates in 5ks, 10ks and 15ks. And that is only the beginning! “After going from 310 pounds to 180 pounds, I decided to gain muscle mass – and once again, Celsius has helped me by allowing me to hit the weights with extra stamina and energy.” This goes to show that no matter what your health or weight loss goals are, Celsius can help you to reach those goals even faster. “Thank you Celsius for giving me my liberty to do a lot more with my son.”

Talk about inspiration! With a no-excuses attitude, Leo proves that you can excel in several aspects of life, as long as you plan ahead and you’re determined to make it work. If you have used Celsius to help you along in your fitness journey, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to

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