Laura London is a great example of someone who got fit and stays fit… really fit

Laura eats healthy whole foods and loves Celsius. Her favorite flavors are the Apple Orchard Blend and Wild Berry. Her husband introduced her to Celsius. Soon, she began to sneak in to his supply.  She drinks half a Celsius before she works out and half a Celsius after she exercises.

We ran in to Laura recently at a fitness competition and we found this busy mom’s story inspiring. She had just won Third Place in the Masters Figure competition. After the show, she sent us pictures from the year before when we first met her. The first thing she wanted after her win in Orlando, was to drink a Celsius! She had just won first place in "Fitness and a ‘Hot Mom" contest.

“My mission and passion is to help other women and mom's learn and grow to be the best they can be at any age!”

Laura London lives in Florida with her husband of 19 years and three children aged 17, 13 and 11. In common with many women, hitting her 40’s was a time of inner reflection, which led her to the realization that she was out of shape and not the super confident person that she once was. It was time for CHANGE and Laura embraced it with passion!

Cleaning up her diet and embarking on an exercise program were two steps that began her journey to transformation. Writing down her goals, keeping a food and exercise diary, and posting motivational pictures around the house kept her inspired. Reading and listening to as much information on nutrition as she could, she was driven to succeed and her transformation is obvious!

The baggy clothes and T shirts she used to wear to the gym were replaced by more figure hugging athletic wear. The change was so dramatic that it led to her Figure competitions.

Fast forward to today… and at 45, Laura is a nationally ranked figure competitor, published fitness model, nationally certified personal trainer, health & wellness coach and writer who is living proof that, with effort and dedication (not to mention an unstoppable desire to succeed!) everyone has the power within themselves to achieve their dreams at any age.

We commend Laura for her undeniable dedication and thank her for inspiring us to go for it!

If you still have doubts just take a look at some of what Laura has achieved in the past year:

  • Competed in seven figure competitions
  • Gone from an amateur level Figure Competitor to a National Level Figure Competitor
  • 2010 Over 40 Transformation of the Year by
  • Internationally Published in Fitness Magazines

We asked her for some of her favorite recipes. Check out her banana / peanut butter split recipe.

If you want to learn more about Laura, click on any of these sites.

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