Is Your Fitness Past Dictating Your Fitness Future?



Have you ever met people who like to talk about the “good old days?” They don’t like where they are presently and have a negative outlook on their future so they like to live in the past. Although it’s great to reminisce about our youth, it’s much better to live in the present and set goals for the future we want!

As a Life Coach and Fitness Competitor, I’ve spoken to many people who have been doing the same kind of workout forever and are surprised when their body stops responding in the way they’d like! They have a million different excuses as to why they aren’t seeing results anymore. The fact is that they haven’t changed their fitness routine, eating habits, or made lifestyle changes in years and are expecting to get great results! As we get older, we need to be open to changing things up and adjusting our diets and fitness routines to accommodate our current lifestyle. We have to take into consideration that our bodies may not be capable of doing the same things we did in our 20’s when we are in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Family, injuries, stress, hormonal changes, busy schedules, etc. all add up to needing to dissolving old habits that no longer serve us into new habits that are better suited to our current situation.

For example, all my life, I have loved horses. I grew up riding every weekend and going to horseback riding camp ever summer. I still have that same passion for horses but due to back issues over the last few years, I haven’t been able to ride. Do I miss it? Yes, of course I do, but I’ve learned to incorporate other things into my life where I have been able to channel that passion. I started competing in Figure and Bikini competitions over the last few years. I absolutely love competing and challenging myself to be the best that I can be each year. It’s definitely given me a new outlook on life and has boosted my confidence tremendously!

Take a look at your present life. Do you have old, worn-out beliefs that are getting in your way and stopping you from moving forward in reaching your fitness goals?

I know people can tend to be creatures of habit and do the same things over and over again.  Unfortunately, being “status quo” keeps our lives stagnant. In order to grow, change, and prosper, we need to incorporate new routines and create new habits that will support that growth.

Think of one thing that you can change in your fitness routine (i.e. try a new class at the gym, taking your cardio outdoors instead of being on a machine, or maybe trying a new sport altogether.) The change will not only be good for your growth, but you will start to see more positive results. Start being proactive in your fitness choices and see the joy it can bring you!


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