Company Overview

We are engaged in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of “functional” calorie-burning fitness drinks under the CELSIUS brand name. According to multiple clinical studies we funded, a single serving of CELSIUS burns 100 to 140 calories by increasing a consumer’s resting metabolism an average of 12% and providing sustained energy for up to a three-hour period. Our exercise-focused studies show CELSIUS delivers additional benefits when consumed prior to exercise. The studies show benefits such as increase in fat burn and lean muscle mass, as well as increased endurance.

We seek to combine nutritional science with mainstream beverages by using our proprietary thermogenic (calorie-burning) MetaPlus® formulation, while fostering the goal of cleaner everyday refreshment by being as natural as possible without the artificial preservatives often found in many energy drinks and sodas. CELSIUS has no artificial preservatives, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup and is very low in sodium. CELSIUS uses good-for-you ingredients and supplements such as green tea (EGCG), ginger, calcium, chromium, B vitamins and vitamin C. The main CELSIUS line of products are sweetened with sucralose, a sugar-derived sweetener that is found in Splenda®, which makes our drinks low-calorie and suitable for consumers whose sugar intake is restricted.

We have undertaken significant marketing efforts aimed at building brand awareness, including a wide variety of marketing vehicles such as television, radio, digital, social media, sponsorships, and magazine advertising. We also undertake various promotions at the retail level such as coupons and other discounts in addition to in-store sampling.

We do not directly manufacture our drinks, but instead outsource the manufacturing process to established third-party co-packers. We do, however, provide our co-packers with flavors, ingredient blends, cans and other raw materials for our drinks purchased by us from various suppliers.

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