I began drinking Celsius about 7 months ago when I felt that my weight loss was going very slow. I have included Celsius with my daily routine and since then have achieved over 70 lbs weight loss. I’m not as thin as I’d like yet, but, I look good and I am very healthy! Here’s my story. I read an article about Celsius and it was about a woman who was having very good results. I thought, sure whatever, another diet thing, but I figured I would try it.  I do not like things that make me jittery, dizzy, or stop me from eating because I want to be healthy, not on a diet.  I began to purchase Celsius and added it to my existing workout and healthy routine.  Celsius helped me with my existing routine that I felt was stalled.

I am smart. I always knew what I needed to do to lose weight, but I just had never taken the steps or effort to do it.  I was very muscular and active my entire life, but the weight just kept coming.  I just figured I was one of those people who would always be heavy.

I went to look at a work out class at the gym.  The class was full, very full…. so I thought that maybe it might have been a good one. I went to the Zumba class and I hated it.  I was way out of place and in over my head.  Almost everyone was thin, had so much energy, was space territorial and knew the routines.  I felt pushed around and intimidated. There must have been 50 people in the class.  I got mad… They looked so good doing the routines.  I got mad but knew I could do it too.

I began going to class about 2 days a week without a lot of confidence that I would continue it long term.  Long story short I wound up loving Zumba, the music, the instructors and the people who attend (they are so supportive)!  I continued to go to the Zumba because I was getting results mentally and physically.  I was losing weight but it was very slow so I knew something else had to be done. I had to take it to the next level.  I had the desire to attend Zumba but my body was so tired. Every day something else hurt, knees one day, hips the next, back the next. It was always something trying to make me stay home but I didn’t, I kept going losing about 45 pounds.

Over the last 14 months, I changed everything I had previously done and eaten.  For example: I loved carbs!  So I had to change it.  I typically do not eat bread, rice or pasta. I do not drink soda.  I snack on nuts, take my vitamins and drink Celsius.  I do not starve myself in any way.  I am just careful with what I eat.

I’m not a diet preacher in any way.  I’m only doing what works for me and I think I have made a lifestyle change and I’m not on a diet.   When I have a particularly hungry day I drink my Celsius.   Celsius has helped me get going and I now attend Zumba 4 days a week.  I have included Celsius with my daily routine and I have achieved a 72 lb weight loss so far.

– Billie

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