These two great women share the same passion for Celsius and fitness! Sometimes, one small step leads to big results!

“I Lost 73 Pounds in 10 months with Celsius and Walking!” – Shanon

She stumbles upon Celsius, adds it to her daily walks, and never looked back!

I've been using your product as much as possible for 10 months and Celsius and my walking routine have helped me lose 73 pounds. I've gotten many of my friends to try your product and they love it too.

What I like best about Celsius is the taste and the results. I'm a big fan of the Orange and the sparkling flavors, especially the Wild Berry. I've tried so many different drinks, pills, weight loss plans..etc..etc..but this is so easy just drink it and go. I've never had this kind of success with anything else and I'm continuing with it even after my weight loss goal is reached.

I achieved my results by drinking just 1 Celsius before going for a 2 to 3 mile walk 3 to 4 times a week. I do occasionally drink it on its own, but, usually before exercise. I'm a Corrections Officer and today I attended the State Jail Conference (seeing other officers from across the state that I had not seen since before losing my weight) and after everyone asked how did I do it , and telling them about Celsius, I could have sold a whole truck load!

My tip for others is don't rule anything out, I stumbled on to Celsius, tried it, loved it and never looked back! Again Thank you so much!

Forever a loyal customer!


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