I am in better shape than I have ever been. I started exercising, watched what I ate, and took Celsius with me.

No one ever told me the “freshman 15” also applied to getting married! Except my “marriage 15” was more like “marriage 30.” Well I first discovered Celsius on sale at my local drugstore and decided to give it a shot. I already was exercising but really needed something to kick it up at notch if I was going to get this weight off. Celsius is awesome! It really gives me my kick to go hard at the gym! Before Celsius I could run for only 5 minutes, now I can run straight for a full 40 minutes. Not only that, after the gym, I still have enough energy to go bike riding to the beach! Yesterday, I went for a 12 mile bike ride which is the longest I have ever gone on in my life! It gives me so much energy and I don't feel jittery or irritable! It's like a delicious energy packed fruit drink! I've gone from a size 16 to a size 6 and from 184 pounds to 150 pounds using Celsius with exercise! I am a very satisfied customer and will continue using this product to help me reach my weight loss goal.

My first experience with Celsius was seeing it stocked up at my friends house. This once very big guy is now a very fit guy, so, when I saw it in my store, and saw that it burned calories, I had to give it a try. I was going to the gym and coffee wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, it just wasn’t waking me up. Plus, I loaded up my coffee with fattening creams and sugars. Now, I drink Celsius instead of coffee.  I have a Celsius in the morning and a half a can later in the day. Celsius gives me the energy I need to work out. I exercise 3 times per week about 30-40 minutes each time. I like to bike, walk, jog, run, and do the step machine. I also started a weight journal and wrote down everything I ate to make sure I was eating properly.

My goal was to get in shape, feel better, and look better in pictures. I wanted to get fit and stay fit once and for all! In the past, I have tried everything! Zantrex-3, Xenadril, Stacker EnV, SlimFast Drinks, Perfect Zone Bars and more. I really like Celsius because it doesn’t give me the shakes or jitters, just great energy! Most supplements I try make me feel irritable and nutso.  I love Celsius! With Celsius and my new fitness lifestyle, I have lost a ton of weight – from 184 pounds to 150 pounds so far. I love the green tea Peach Mango flavor. It is delicious! I like that it comes in a convenient can I can slip in to my bag and keep in my car when I need them. Celsius is awesome!  Shannon

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