I Got Fit by starting an exercise routine, working with trainers, changing my diet, and enjoying Celsius!

Thanks Celsius, for helping me reach my goals!  I lost a grand total of 113 pounds in the last year! I went from a size 42 and I am now a 32. I was 288 lbs and now I am 175 lbs!

Here's my story:

On May 2009, I realized, after returning from a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park, that I had a weight problem. I had a hard time fitting into some of the safety harnesses on the rides. I also realized that I had become a “couch potato.” I even became winded walking to the mail box. I was 6 feet and 288 pounds. I was tired of not having any energy to do anything. I’d had enough!

I announced to my wife that I was going to lose weight.  I created a more specific goal – to get out of plus sized clothes! I cut out all junk food, the extra carbohydrates, and doubled my vegetable intake. I became intent on losing weight BUT it wasn’t easy, especially at the dinner table!

After one month with Celsius, exercise, and diet, I dropped several pounds. I started to have energy again. I realized I needed to do something physical. I started walking. At first I walked about a half mile every morning. It was hard and I was embarrassed. But I remained steady in my course. By the end of the second month, I was walking three miles every morning. I lost another 20 pounds. I wanted to move more.

I started drinking Celsius twice a day. The workouts with the Otterbein University personal trainers were awesome! They pushed me to achieve my goals. I have participated in the programs. I lift weights three days per week. I am running four days per week. I developed a workout program and have left the old “me” behind.   I have a new identity and self-esteem for the first time in my life! My wife began telling me how proud she was of me. My wife joined me in this “new” way for us to eat and drink Celsius. We cut out red meats, sugar, and started eating vegetables and whole grain products. She has managed to lose weight and has become interested in running as well! 

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