Dumbell SquatsLet’s face it; going to the gym is just not an option on some days. If you are anything like me, you may feel guilty if you can’t effectively work the gym into your schedule. So instead of gearing up for a total body smash sesh at the gym with little time on your hands, take it to the house!

Working out at home is a great way to sneak in an exercise session if you are short on time. I keep a set of light dumbbells, a long resistance band, ankle resistance bands and a stability ball in my house so that I can train anytime I want. These items are easy to store and very affordable. You can pick up any of these items at a sporting goods store or in the sports section of most department stores.

Just like when you are at the gym, your training will only be as effective as you make it. So make sure that your intensity and duration mimic the duration and intensity that you would have if you were at a gym. No slacking off because you are behind closed doors. We workout for the health benefits, not just to say- “Yeah, I worked out today.”


If you watch a lot of TV, get active during the commercial breaks! Rather than just sit around, start doing squats, jumping jacks, pushups or lunges to get your heart rate going. While it may seem like nothing or like you are not really getting in a workout, remember that every little bit counts. All of those moves will add up. You will also pick your heart rate up a few beats per minute instead of it staying as low as it would while just sitting on the couch.

Ultimate at Home Workout Move-

Burpees are my favorite full-body at-home exercise because they are effective a building cardiovascular and muscular strength at the same time. To perform a burpee, you start by standing then place your hands on the ground, jump your feet back into a plank position. If you are up for the challenge, perform one push-up then jump your feet back up to your hands. Jump up as high as possible and reach up. That completes one repetition. Since you are getting up and down and reaching over your head, you will notice that your heart rate begins to climb.

Create your own at home workout using some of the exercises listed below.

Perform the moves for 30 seconds, rest and then continue with a new move until your workout duration is done. The possibilities are endless to keep it fun and interesting!

-Jogging in place
-Jumping jacks
-Mountain climbers
-Wall squats

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