With National “Kick Butts” day approaching, many may be trying to reduce or eliminate smoking from their lifestyle. As these life-changing decisions come into play, some may fear the amount of weight gain that tends to be associated with the cessation of smoking.

According to smoking cessation expert, Terry Martin, “Cigarette smoking increases a person’s metabolic rate by forcing the heart to beat faster. When a cigarette is inhaled, the smoker’s heart may beat 10 to 20 times more per minute for a period of time. When you quit smoking your metabolism will become slower.” This means, if you quit smoking but continue to consume the same amount of calories while living at the same activity level, over time you will most likely gain weight.

But — this weight gain is not a “mandatory” part of quitting. In fact, there are several things you can do to prevent weight gain and even lose weight in the process of quitting. Below are a few reasons and tips as to how quitting smoking can help with weight loss.

smoking and weight lossBe More Active
If you are using your free time or breaks at work to get up and take smoke breaks, this leaves you little to no time to be active. All of those mini breaks add up over time. Instead of idly standing around and smoking, you can use this time to work out or take a walk during your lunch break. At first, being more active and working out will seem taxing and uncomfortable due to the fact that smokers have less oxygen being picked up in their blood. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “The decrease in oxygen [in blood] will reduce your physical endurance, making it more difficult for you not only to do well in sports but also to do everyday things, such as walking up stairs.” As your body adjusts, these tasks will become easier and they are a great way to burn off some extra calories.

Incorporate Celsius Into Your Life
Feeling a bit sluggish after quitting? Allow Celsius to help accelerate your weight loss. Each serving of Celsius is clinically proven to reduce body fat and boost metabolism. Celsius also helps to burn off 100 calories and more per serving — and those 100 calories can add up over time! For the best results, combine Celsius with a nutritious meal, drink it before taking a walk or going to exercise. You can learn more about the benefits of Celsius here.

Don’t Use Food to Cope
Some of the weight gain associated with quitting smoking comes from trading in one habit for another such as using food as a coping mechanism. Be aware of your caloric intake during this time since you may have cravings and more of an appetite when you quit smoking. Using a calorie counting app such as My Fitness Pal or Calorie King will help you control your portions and keep track of how much you are actually eating.

Have Go-To Healthy Habits
Instead of giving in to your cravings, find healthy go-to tasks that will help to distract you. Some individuals will write in journals, go to the gym, call a friend or go for a walk around the block. After a few minutes, your mind will begin to wander and the cravings disappear. Just try not to make eating/food a go-to task, since you may start to take in excess calories.

If you are considering quitting smoking but are afraid of the possible weight gain, try the tips listed above. These tips will help you keep the weight off and allow you to continue to lose weight in the process.

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