Mile 1213  Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 25

Thanks to the wonderful efforts from the staff of the Hydrocephalus Association and volunteers at the Houston Walk, Mary and I are taking a short rest from our biking travels and are camping out at the Holiday Inn Express in Springs, TX for two days.  We are participating in the  Inaugural Houston Walk for Hydrocephalus this weekend.


We woke up to a torrent of rain Saturday morning. Mary and I said to ourselves that there is no way they are going walk in this downpour. We were obviously under estimating  Texan fortitude and determination! When I called to see if the walk was still on; Margaret asked if we would like someone to pick us up. A quick drive to the Hydrocephalus Walk verses 7.1 miles in a downpour; which we you choose?

As the hour approached for the walk to begin, the rains drizzled to almost nothing. How can I explain what a wonderful experience the Hydrocephalus walk was for us? We were quickly embraced and made to feel so welcome by this wonderful group of people, all united in one mission. They made us feel like celebrities but we are all doing what we can to help make more people become aware of this devastating neurological disorder.

Soon after we arrived, Mary's sister texted her to be sure to meet Eilish and her mother, Trish. Madeleine, Mary's niece, had met them in the Hydrocephalus conference in DC this past June. We no more than turned around and they they were! We met so many wonderful families along with many children and adults that suffer from Hydrocephalus. But we noticed something unique in this group. Unwavering courage, determination and a passion and joy for life many of us take for granted.

Margaret Powers is the chairwoman who made this walk happen and arranged for complimentary rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. Hydrocephalus Association means a lot to her. Her college-age son deals with it everyday. We saw people from all ages, all walks of life with one common unity, enduring countless brain surgeries, sometimes with devastating side effects there in support of this worthy cause. We were all there together, united to let world know more funding and research is needed for hydrocephalus.


We also met Jamie, a med student, and one of many Hydrocephalus Walk volunteers.  Jamie had never used Twitter but she created an account just to make sure she shouted out to us that we had rooms! So follow Jamie and encourage her to keep her Twitter going by tweeting about hydrocephalus…

The Walk had several teams, each with their own T-shirt, many in honor of a loved one suffering from hydrocephalus. We were asked to be the judge of the winning T-shirt contest. It was hard, as there were some really cool shirts there. How could we not choose Team Parker? This little guy was so adorable.

The day before, Mary and I had taken advantage of this two-day rest for me to get a haircut and Mary to get her nails done. Now that the Hydrocephalus Walk was over, Mary and I headed back to our hotel for nice relaxing afternoon and to watch the USF Bulls tromp FSU. But that did not happen. Much to my chagrin, USF lost despite all my couch-side advice, yelling and recommendations. Mary and I both suffered twinges of homesickness as the camera panned birds eye shots of the Courtney-Campbell bridge that connects Tampa to Clearwater.


Today we head out again on our cycling tour. San Antonio, here we come!



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