By Nikki Glor (GalTime)
November 20, 2012


Up for Jumping Warrior? New Workouts Combine Yoga and Plyometrics

Ever stretched into down dog, then practiced your jump tucks? A new trend for fall and 2013 is yoga workouts with plyometric intervals. 

Plyometrics are explosive jumping and level-changing moves that use your body weight as resistance, and require your muscles to fire away in short, intense bursts of power. As a former college cheerleader, and current personal trainer and yoga instructor, I didn't want to have to chose between my "ohm" days or my jumping workouts from the squad, so I created a workouts to combine gymnastics-inspired plyometric cardio intervals – like jump tucks, split jumps, and squat thrusts – with advanced balancing yoga moves – like firefly (titibasana), wheel push ups, warrior III booty boost, rockstar, handstands, side crow and 8 angle pose (astavakrasana) – that build upper body strength, boost your booty and require a lot of breath control and mental focus. 

In 30 minute, no-equipment workouts, core and toning moves are coupled with plymoterics for major calorie burn. This is what me get my body back after having a baby!

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You can find these workouts in my new book and DVD workout called Slimnastics. You can also find classes that combine yoga and plyo popping up across the country. In NYC, BUTI high-intensityCrunchworkouts fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. BUTI dance moves focus on focus on an intense intense hip-shaking moves from various dance styles like Miami Booty Dance, Brazilian Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Crunk and African Tribal. It all adds up to heart-pounding cardio, deep-stretching and fun dance moves.

Another yoga and plyometric workout to give a go is Deep EXtreme at Equinox. It mixes up cardio, using tribal swinging-arm moves, yoga poses for flexibility and strength-training squats. All of these workouts that combine yoga and plyometrics are strengthening, energizing and calming, all in one series that works the entire body. A playlist of rhythmic-beat music keeps you flowing seamlessly from one move to the next and delivers a cardio high with a yoga calm. 

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If you don't live near a Crunch or Equinox, try flipping your workout on it's head with these two Slimnastics sample moves to see if the workout is for you: L Stand: Sit on a mat facing the wall, with your legs extended in front of you. Your feet should touch the wall with them flexed, and place your hands next to your hips.

This is how you measure your distance for the L Stand. Keep one hand on that mark where your hips were, and flip yourself over to face the mat. Place both hands where you measured, shoulders width apart and get into a tight down dog with your heels against the wall. Walk one foot then the other up the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor. (It helps to have a partner spot you so that they can tell you if your feet are too high or low. Look at the wall and push your hands strongly into the floor. Your body should look like an "L" in a 90% angle. 

You can also play with lifting one leg away from the wall at a time.Cardio Interval – X jump to Split jumps: Stepping off the mat sets the scene for cheerleading inspired moves like X and split jumps. Perform 3 squats in fast succession counting 1,2,3. On the "and," jump into the air using your leg muscles and punching the hands to the sky. Land on "four. Repeat." I- squat/ stand, 2- squat/ stand, 3- squat/ stand, and- jump, 4- land." Make it advanced: turn the X into a toe touch (pictured). Check out a sample video of Slimnastics here

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