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Lisa Valentino – A Celsius Consumer Who Lost 180 pounds!

Lisa shares her exercise and food and drink tips with Woman’s World readers….

“..she found a pre-workout drink called Celsius. I tried it. And what do you know? It gave me the energy I needed to become active! Her mood began to improve within a week, and her cravings for comfort food began to disappear. Little by little, I got stronger and began to do more. Now whenever I need a pick-me-up, I go to the gym instead of the fridge!”

Lisa has also been featured on CBS and Fox news touting the benefits of Celsius!

CBS: “Celsius – The secret to a slimmer, trimmer you.”

See how Celsius fueled her incredible weight loss story from a size 28 to a size 2. Celsius is the extra boost she needed and it didn’t make her jittery.

Lisa: “Celsius gives me a boost of energy and makes me workout harder. It’s a great feeling. I’ve turned all my friends on to it.”

Lisa’s trainer: “I give it to all my clients, it helps them workout at peak performance.”

Fox news: “Drinking off those unwanted pounds with Celsius! Lisa lost 180 pounds – an entire person or two!”

Lisa: “Celsius helps me burn more calories, I workout at peak performance. It’s a remarkable drink and it tastes good too!”

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