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Move It to Lose It: Week 5 Fitness Tips and Ideas

You have been trying to "Move It to Lose It" for weeks now, you feel like you have been eating “nothing,” you practically live at the gym, and the scale wont budge – or worse, you are gaining weight! I hear this far too often. One of my favorite sayings is, “You wear in public what you eat in private.” You may think that you are sticking to your plan, but in reality you may be in denial or unwittingly eating things that are hindering your progress. Be honest with yourself, are you still eating those snacks from the vending machine on your lunch break? Taking nibbles here and there of your favorite sweets? Those little nibbles add up before you realize it!


If a tree falls in a forest…?

I always let others around me know of my health and fitness goals so that they can help hold me accountable and help me attain success. Be sure to keep your family and friends in the loop. If you are alone and catch yourself wanting to pull into a drive-thru thinking that double cheese burger and ice cream sundae will not really count if no one knows about it, think about how your friends and family would react if they were there with you. You would most likely not even think about doing it! Knowing your fitness goals, they would love you enough to remind you. So remind yourself of your goals and your progress so far.  Those cravings will slowly diminish.

So what is the honest truth about your diet? Track everything that goes in to your body. If you are honest with yourself and stay consistent, you will see success. I am not saying that it will be easy, but it will be worth it.


Try this Upper Body Workout and Healthy Snack Idea!


Strawberry Banana Nut Smoothie Recipe

Upper Body Workout for Spring


This week, I am sharing the links to a yummy healthy snack recipe and an upper body workout that will help tone up your arms for Spring. Keep up the great work and stay motivated. It is never too late to Move It to Lose It!

I hope you are enjoying the tips in the free Move It to Lose It eBook! If you have not downloaded the book, you can do so here. Be sure not to miss the special offer at the end!

We love to celebrate the weight loss and fitness successes of Celsius drinkers so let me know, in the comments below, how you are doing with your 2013 goals! I would also love to know what was your favorite or most helpful tip in the eBook. Your success story and your own tips and advice could be just what someone else needs to hear today too so do not hesitate to share your comments or to connect with Celsius and with me on social media. Use the hash tag #MoveIttoLoseIt on Instagram and Twitter or go to our Facebook page.

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