As you begin your weight loss journey, one of the first questions that may pop into your mind is “What is my healthy weight?”

You may have an idea of your “ideal body” weight, but that ideal weight may still leave you in an over or underweight range without you even knowing.

As you may know, being overweight or underweight is linked to several health issues. But — if you fall into either of these categories, all hope is not lost! In most cases, an individual can reach and maintain their healthy weight with the supervision of their doctor and fitness professionals.

Discover Your Healthy Weight
Many use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a tool to see what their healthy weight range is in reference to their height and current weight. You can use this BMI calculator to find out where you fall on the BMI spectrum. Remember that this tool is to be used as an estimate or guide (it will not take lean muscle mass into account for individuals who are very active or muscular).

For a more in-depth and detailed analysis of your healthy weight, it is always recommended that you work with your primary care physician since they know more about your medical and previous health history. The doctor can outline goals based on your specifics, limitations and/or current health conditions. They will also be able to guide you into your healthy weight range as well as help with a weight loss timeline. In many cases, weight loss is recommended to be at rate of 1-2 pounds per week. These numbers vary by individual and fluctuate based on the amount of fat loss that is required.

Take Action!
If you found that your BMI is above average for your height and current weight and you would like to burn off some excess body fat, here are a few tips that will help you get back on track!

Drink 1 Celsius a Day: Studies show that drinking Celsius helps to burn body fat and boost metabolism while burning off calories! No matter what diet or fitness routine you are on, Celsius will help accelerate your weight loss transformation while giving you the energy you need to power through life. You can learn more or stock up on your favorite flavors of Celsius here.

Be More Active: Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can yield amazing weight loss results. Not only will you look better, but you will begin to feel better. Start off slow, by walking or riding a stationary bike. As you become more active, you can increase the intensity for an even higher calorie burn in the same amount of time.

Cook Your Own Meals: In our fast-paced society, fast food is KING! It is also loaded with extra unnecessary calories and ingredients. Instead, try making your own healthy meals at home and package them for lunch or a quick snack when you are on the run. Need some inspiration? Try this recipe next time you are looking for a homemade meal that is tasty on the go!

Set a Desired Goal Weight: Losing weight to become healthier is great, but setting a specific number or range will help hold you even more accountable as you have something specific to work towards. Start off by setting small goals like losing 1 pound of fat a week. This can eventually lead to larger weight loss over several months. Reaching the small goals will help you feel more accomplished in the long run.

Make an Action Plan: The thought and desire to lose weight can be fleeting if you do not have a plan of action. Write down the steps you will use to reach your goals. A few options may be… walking during your lunch break, drinking more water each day, eating more vegetables, etc. Know exactly what you will be doing, when you will be doing it and why (to reach your end goal).

Use these tips to reach and maintain your healthy weight. Looking for more advice and motivation? Check out these Healthy Living Tips from Celsius!

*Note: Before beginning any type of training or diet routine, consult with your primary care physician.

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