You may not believe that your Super Bowl party can be healthy and delicious, but if anyone can pull it off it’s Marlene Koch . Her legions of followers would agree — Koch’s most recent book, Eat More of What You Love, was the country’s fourth most popular cookbook this year.

Koch believes that bettering your Super Bowl menu is a necessity. As she pointed out, "The Super Bowl is the second-highest caloric day for people, after Thanksgiving." But it’s not a matter of just putting out boring veggie plates with low-fat dip. Koch recommends cheesy nachos, but she adds beans for bulk, uses a leaner beef and a reduced-fat chip and mixes chicken stock into the cheese. Her recipe takes a 680-calorie dip and turns it into only 160 calories. "It’s the kind of eating big you can do and still stay small," she says. She also suggests a caramelized onion dip with light cream cheese and light mayonnaise.


For more of Koch's tips watch the video above and make sure to pick up her best-selling Eat More of What You Love to make sure you have all the game day recipes!


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