Celsius Healthy Energy for Calorie BurningThe love for Celsius expands farther than the United States alone! Celsius fan, Michelle T., discovered Celsius while living in Sweden. When she moved to the United States, she was thrilled to find out that she could still enjoy drinking Celsius on a daily basis. Continue reading to learn more about how Michelle incorporates Celsius into her daily routine!
Name: Michelle T.
Bio: I grew up with horses and have always been an active person but I never really cared about nutrition. My fitness and gym addiction started because of a back problem. I slowly started to weight lift to strength up my back and eventually started strength training more and more. Now I can’t get enough of being in the gym.
I’ve been weight training seriously for about a year and I love it! Fitness, health and weightlifting is everything to me. My goal is to participate in a fitness competition. Celsius is a big part of my life and this drink makes achieving my goals so much easier. I love Celsius and I’m so happy to be a part of the team. I enjoy sharing and motivating others about healthy living and fitness as much as I can.
How do you use Celsius? I use it as a pre workout, and on rest days I take them early in the day for a healthy source of energy. I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts but they have never really worked for me. They can sometimes be too strong and I tend to feel sick after a while. Celsius gives me the perfect energy and it tastes delicious! When I drink Celsius, I can always push myself a lot more during my workouts. I also feel more energized and motivated, which leads to better results. 
Favorite Flavor: Sparkling Orange
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