Amazing Wellness Magazine from the Vitamin ShoppeYou know your body needs hydration to function properly and be healthy. But are you getting tired of drinking plain water each day? Then pick up the July/ August issue of Amazing Wellness Magazine at your local Vitamin Shoppe for some fun ways to jazz up your H20. This month, Celsius Outrageous Orange On-the-Go sticks are featured in a product roundup titled, “Water Bottle Boosters”. You can find this article in the “The Healthy Hydration Handbook” section.

Water is critical to every cell and tissue in your body. Did you know that your body loses up to two quarts of water every day just through your regular activity and the normal functioning of your organs? While we've all heard that we should drink eight 8 oz glasses each day, that really may not even be enough – especially during the summer months and when you're exercising. Rehydrating by drinking plain water is not always fun. This great article breaks down the importance of hydration and gives tips and suggestions for staying hydrated and staying healthy.

In the article, Kim Erickson mentions that the Celsius sticks “contain zero calories and are loaded with vitamins and minerals.” She also mentions that you can “burn up to 100 calories just by drinking it.” Be sure to pick up your copy of Amazing Wellness today and read about the other great products that are featured in the roundup.

Amazing Wellness Magazine focuses on motivating consumers to use healthier products in their daily lives. The magazine features nutritional supplements, natural foods and recipes, the latest research, natural beauty, eco-friendly products, and fitness.

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