just posted a great article on the emergence of new healthy beverages.  While previously gave Celsius a great review our Berry flavored powder stick packets caught their attention this time.

"Celsius Powder Stick Pack caught the attention of Beverage Spectrum Magazine winning Best New Powder/Tablet. Celsius is a calorie-burning beverage and touted as the “Ultimate 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 Partner.” It uses a core blend of ingredients to form MetaPlus which enhances metabolism and results in a sustained calorie burn. Only 10 calories per 12-ounce serving there are no preservatives flavors or colors and no sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Additionally it has 100% of your daily need of vitamin C riboflavin niacin vitamin B6 and B12 and biotin. Note: Celsius also comes in already prepared 12-ounce cans. For a full review of this beverage check this Daily Diet column."

Celsius Berry Flavored On-The-Go Packets are always available at

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