Fitness Trend in the 80sWe've been a part of the fitness trend since day one. Of course the fitness trends have been in full swing long before Celsius came on the scene with our negative calorie drink. Last week Shape Magazine posted a fun article showing six blasts from our fitness past including Richard Simmons Denise Austin Jake Steinfeld Jane Fonda Kathy Smith and Celsius’ own Tony Little. We recently partnered with Tony to help spread the word. So are we trendsetters by partnering with Tony? 
This question is admittedly a little tongue in cheek. But let's face it Tony was a trend setter as far back at the 1980s. His passion for fitness coupled with his marketing clout with the products that he endorsed set a new trend in the 80s that prove you can combine fitness and product promotion.

Fitness trend by Tony LittleOur fans tell us every day how much they love drinking Celsius for many health related reasons. When Tony started drinking Celsius he quickly became a fan. It was a natural for Tony and Celsius to come together in this partnership. Sure it's a business arrangement. But let's face it when an established fitness legend (a member of the Fitness Hall of Fame) wants to partner with you to help spread the word how can you turn that down?!

We don't know if we qualify as fitness trend setters. We're quite happy being viewed as people inspired to helping people get results in their fitness and exercise routines. But if you want to call us a trend setter we're okay with that.

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