What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t do my due diligence and test the science? Before I posted this I gave Celsius a one week trial run . They say that you can burn an additional 100 calories per can. What do I think? You bet my getting skinnier bootie! I used my heart rate monitor and in a mere ½ hour I increased the calories burned by almost 40 (I did the same workout twice last week). I also lost three pounds last week on a diet that intended a two pounds a week – and I was cheating on the diet! 

Celsius also says that it gives you increased endurance for up to three or four hours. What do I think? I’ll tell you as soon as I’m done running this marathon. No really. I’ve wanted to learn to be a runner for a long time but just never seemed to have the gumption for it.  

After my Celsius on Sunday I ran for an hour (an hour!) and burned over 500 calories! I was so psyched!If it wasn’t for the silly blisters causing extreme pain on my feet (not Celsius’ fault – mine for not wearing proper socks) I’d be drinking a Celsius and running right now!  The most exciting part – I was not jittery despite the fact that Celsius has more caffeine than energy drinks. It was just pure oomph! You can find out more about the science behind Celsius by clicking here.  Final thought: Celsius is going to be a regular staple in my house and the soda that I drink will be gone.  I hear a can calling me now!

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