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Add Variety to Your Workout Routine in 2013


Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a fitness rut? Getting bored on the elliptical or feel that your metabolism is not working as well as it used to? Then it may be time to add some variety to your fitness routine! To wrap up our holiday series with tips and help for you to give yourself the gift of good health, let’s look at what we can do to get past those ruts or plateaus. 
We know that exercise is necessary for good health. To get those most enjoyment and best results out of your fitness regimen, however, balance and variety are important. If you live in elliptical land, venture on down to the weight room and add some strength and resistance training to your fitness regimen. If you are the opposite and you normally stick to heavy lifting, try to incorporate some cardio. Cardio will increase your heart rate between sets and rev up your calorie burn. I also recommend adding flexibility training to any program, if it is not already in place. Yoga or any dynamic stretching and flexibility work will help keep you limber and injury free. 
Below are a few workout tips you can do to add variety to your workout.
-If you usually workout indoors, try to do more outdoor activities. Change up the scenery.
-Do group fitness classes with  a friend. Try something new!
-Add plyometric (jump training) to any workout to build lower body strength and raise your heart rate. Try pop squats, frog jumps, or box jumps.
-Use less weight but perform more repetitions or use heavy weight and perform fewer repetitions.
-Make it a point to try a new machine each time you get to the gym.
-Create a workout using only your body weight. This type of workout is perfect to use when you are traveling or cannot make it to the gym. Try lunges, squats, burpees, pushups, jumping jacks and mountain climbers. 
The possibilities are endless. There really is no reason to get bored or stuck with a routine that, after a while will no longer bring the results you desire for good health and may actually lead to injury. Get a little creative and try something new in 2013 – you may find a new favorite workout!
As I conclude the Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health holiday series, I am anxious to hear your goals, plans, and eventually your successes in 2013! Please let Celsius and I continue to support you in your aim for better fitness and good health in the New Year. If you missed any of my previous tips in this series, they will still be available and you will continue to find ideas and support here in the Live Healthy Community
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