Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health

Uncover Your Motivation in 2013

Throughout the month of December, Celsius and I encourage you to give yourself the gift of good health. I am excited to share with you tips and advice to help start you on the road to better fitness and health in 2013. 
To some degree, we are all motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. Even if you were not very motivated at all (in which case, you likely would not still be reading), motivation is still a factor. You may never really have stopped to consider what the source of your exercise motivation may be. Without fully realizing why, you may strive to stay fit, eat well, and prioritize your health as a personal goal or to be faster, stronger or weigh less.
You may be motivated to get to the gym because it makes you feel good, look good, or because you want to be a positive role model for your children or someone else. 
Before 2013 begins, pause to think about your source of motivation. Whatever YOUR personal motivation is to get fit and stay fit, use it! When you are having a bad day or do not think you have the energy or willpower to stick your plans and work toward your goals, think about your “WHY!” What is it that really fuels your fire? If you have taken the time to determine what true your motivation is, you can use it to help you stay focused on your health and fitness goals during moments of weakness or doubt. If you give in to the holiday goodies or miss a few days at the gym, it is all going to be ok. Do not beat yourself up. Just refocus on your original motivation and you will be back on the road to good health in no time!
I look forward to sharing more tips to help you Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health this holiday season. During the month of December, I also invite you to enter to win a 90-day Personal Coaching Session with me to get started on a fit and healthy 2013. Go to the Celsius Facebook Page for more information on this grand prize and other opportunities to win!
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