Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health This Holiday Season

Overcoming Your Fears in 2013


We’re kicking off a holiday series of articles and videos to give ourselves the gift of good health this holiday season and get a head start on a fit and healthy New Year. When it comes to your health and fitness, is there something that frightens or overwhelms you? Do you feel that you will fail, never reach your goals, or do not even know where to begin? I want you to move away from the fears that may be holding you back. We can often be our own worst critic; women, especially, can be way too hard on ourselves.

When I first got into fitness, I began as a runner. Trust me, I was not good at it by any means. I did not even make the high school track team! That memory of rejection was still strong when I decided to run my first 5k a few years later but I did not let it discourage me. I knew I would not be the fastest, but finishing the race was my goal. Eventually, I went on to run a half and then even a full marathon with my father. Had I let my fear of failure or the memory of rejection overpower my desire to run, I would never have accomplished these goals that led to such wonderful memories with my father. 

When I began weightlifting, I really had no clue what I was doing in the weight room. I felt a little awkward and worried that others might think I was silly for trying. Once I got out of my own head, I learned that no one cares about what I am doing at the gym. Go in to the gym and do what makes you feel good and happy. Now, I can walk into any gym, head straight for the weight lifting area with the big guys, and feel right at home and focus on my workout with distracting fears. 
If you are afraid that family or friends may not accept your lifestyle changes or support your health and fitness goals, don’t allow that to stop you! Instead allow your confidence to ward off negativity. If you doubt yourself others will doubt you too. Stand firm in your determination to make positive changes for your health. By overcoming your own fears to give yourself the gift of good health, you will become the role model and that inspiration is the best gift you give your loved ones.
I look forward to sharing more tips to help you Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health this holiday season. During the month of December, I also invite you to enter to win a 90-day Personal Coaching Session with me to get started on a fit and healthy 2013. Go to the Celsius Facebook Page for more information on this grand prize and other opportunities to win!

Give Yourself the Gift of Good Health Articles

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