Get It Done This Holiday Season with Danny Musico

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are here, ready or not. For those of you who are watching what you are eating, this is a tricky time of year. There is nothing that I can say that will make it easy, but with a little planning you can navigate that spread like a pro!

Of course there are the tried and true suggestions: use a smaller plate/smaller portions, make healthy choices (umm k), limit or use healthy oils, don’t over eat, limit alcohol, drink lots of water…

This is my game plan for the holidays: I start every morning with CELSIUS. Not only does it replace my coffee to give me energy, it accelerates metabolism right off the bat.  I’ll be sticking to my normal workout routines and eating habits. I’ve game planned my holiday dinners as my cheat meals (not cheat days). I am personally guilty, on cheat days, of not eating all day so I can truly enjoy that dinner. The holidays are NOT the time to do this! Honestly, the chances of there being healthy options at the family/office holiday dinner party are probably pretty slim. So we don’t want to over eat there because frankly, we have multiple dinners to get through throughout the season. So don’t go in starving!

Some of the dinners will be close together so I’ll have to be picky about what goes on my plate (i.e. I’ll skip the rolls because I know I’ll be having dessert at my mom’ and I’ll move past the creamy pastas so I can have the lobster mash at my brother’s… see where I’m going). Game plan your must-haves, move past the rest. Hopefully, the turkey isn’t fried and the veggies aren’t completely drowning in butter.

Be easy on yourself. If your goal is to lose weight during the holiday season and you pull it off, congrats! You are a rockstar, straight up! However, if you can maintain your weight this season, you win too! One piece of pie isn’t going to destroy your chances at your 2018 summer beach bod.

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