I wanted to go on a long hike with my son, but, was not in shape. I started exercising,  changed my diet based on Fit for Life, and drinking Celsius.

VP Human Resources, Age 43, Married for 23 years, with 2 children ages 22 & 15

Celsius helped accelerate my strength conditioning and allows for longer endurance during cardio exercises.

What made you decide to change? Over Thanksgiving, my son and I were talking about the fun we had when he was younger, especially backpacking.  He mentioned he would love to take a weeklong trip, but without hesitation said I would never be able to make it, that I was too heavy and probably would have a heart attack! That hit me pretty hard.  I also feel an obligation to lead a healthy lifestyle as the Vice President of Human Resources.  It is somewhat hypocritical to promote health and wellness to reduce medical expenses, and at the same time be obese!  Realizing I was embarrassingly out of shape for a 42 year old, I made a commitment to change my lifestyle.

What needed to Change? I weighed in at 255 lbs with a 42 inch waist and really no arm or shoulder definition.  My goal was to drop to 200 lbs within a year by changing my diet and maintaining a cardio routine 3 times a week. My goal was then to join a fitness club after the weight loss to tone my muscle and firm up.  I was too embarrassed to join a club earlier in the process, I was concerned I would be discouraged and quit the club. 

How did you do it? I embraced “Eating for Life” by Brian Phillips.  The book was incredibly informative and easy to understand.  He promotes one eating day off a week, which lets you look forward to some guilty food pleasures.   I also exercised religiously three times a week by walking, then jogging then running.  The exercise aspect I took slow because I was so out of shape.  Initially I was not drinking Celsius and would find I would tire often only 30-40 minutes into my routine.  I now drink Celsius 10 minutes prior to my training and my stamina now remains for a full 2 hours! I am now up to 90 minutes of cardio every 2 days coupled with 60 minutes circuit strength training every 2 days.

Did all this work? Yes, absolutely.  It does take time however.  I coach people that they should plan on averaging their loss to about 2-3 pounds a month.   I now weigh in at 195! And my waist has shrunk to an amazing 34 inches! Most importantly I took that hike with Adam!  We hiked 40 miles over 4 days.  My cardio and strength were ready, my feet were not!

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