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On Saturday September 8 the Celsius ambassador team shared our revolutionary negative calorie drink with the attendees and participants in the 5k Freedom Run and Park Festival in Doral FL. The 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 is based on community-building & philanthropy to remember honor and celebrate our American heroes. The 5k Freedom Run was organized and hosted by The P.A.R.K. Project which stands for Perform Acts of Random Kindness. The P.A.R.K. Project is a non-profit organization that promotes others to live in a world where people actively respond to their inner desire to be kind.

Last weekend the South Florida community was invited to run jog or walk alongside our current military veterans and first responders in appreciation of the sacrifices they have made and their commitment to service. Before the fitness events, Celsius ambassadors Sylena and Meribeth educated the participants and festival attendees about the great benefits that come along with drinking Celsius negative calorie drink. They provided free samples of each of the great tasting energy drink flavors

The Park Festival and 5k were free and open to the public. At the festival there was a vendor area set up where attendees could learn more about local companies as well as military related services.  There was also great food refreshments music and entertainment available for the whole family to try.  Team Celsius is happy to be a part of fitness event like the 5k Freedom Run. We welcome opportunities to share our world’s first negative calorie drink with people working hard to help others and to promote kindness within our community.

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