Mile 1120  Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus Day 21 – 22 Recap

On Monday, we took a rest at the Texas border as we traded Louisiana roads for Texas. So far, I have to say, cycling road conditions in Texas are much easier on us. I’m not sure our tires agree. Flat tires have become an almost daily part of our cycling journey. I am not complaining although it is becoming a little “tire…some.” Gatorskin tires and Mr. Tuffy linings are not top sellers in cycling shops back in Florida. I remember talking about them with a few people when we were planning this trip but, at the time, they did not seem worth the extra expense. Man, was I wrong and I’ve learned this lesson the hard way! So far on this trip, I have become a strong advocate of three things: drinking Celsius to keep our endurance going, investing in heavy duty tires, linings and tubes and meeting great fellow cycling tour enthusiast through


The last couple of days can be summed up in “hot weather” and “flat tires.” Fix-a-Flat is a tempting alternative when you are on a long distance cycling tour such as ours. But I would recommend not using it. Mary got another flat as we were about to enter Beaumont.  I had already used the Fix-a-Flat so, if you are an experienced cyclist, you already know the mess I encountered. The hole in the tube was easy to find but before I could patch it, I had to clean out all that gunk. I patched it but it went flat as the patch did not hold from the fix-a-flat residue. I cleaned it out again and patched it for a second time. This time I waited much longer to be sure it held.

The patch job got us to our hotel. As we have the opportunity, we are switching out to the heavier duty tubes and adding Mr. Tuffy linings as we encounter flat tires. We have not encountered a Texas bike shop yet, but I am hoping Gatorskin tires are easier to find in Texas than in Florida.

To the Children, Teachers and Staff at Gorrie Elementary School in Tampa

We saw your comment. Thank you and keep them coming!  We are thrilled and inspired to know you are following our cycling adventure on the morning show. Mary says she misses each and every one of you!


Wednesday, Day 22

The 22nd day of our ride brought much of the same: hot, road, a couple of Celsius drinks to keep us going, and more flat tires. We spent the night at the Scottish Inn and Suites in Liberty, TX. Thursday, we will arrive in The Woodlands and Spring area just north of Houston. We plan to spend a few days in Houston and we are really are looking forward to it. We are excited about spending the first night with Warm Showers hosts. Warm Showers has been one of the best perks to this ride. This hospitality service gives us a chance to meet great people who share our passion for the cycling adventure!



Houston will be a treat for us as we are staying until Sunday. More importantly, our time in Houston will be spent supporting the great Hydrocephalus volunteers there in their Inaugural Walk for Hydrocephalus on Saturday, September 29. We can hardly wait to participate in the Walk and meet the volunteers and some of the participants. The event will be held from 9am to Noon at the Robert Fleming Park in The Woodlands, TX. The opportunity to relax, Spending two consecutive nights in the same place will get us off to a great start next week too. I will update over the weekend to tell you all about the Walk, the wonderful Hydrocephalus volunteers, and the generosity that is making our visit in Houston possible.

We have already made great friends on the road and we look forward to meeting courageous families dealing with hydrocephalus while we are in Houston. In our last post, we told you an inspirational hydrocephalus story about Daja. Her grandmother, Helen, has been wonderful in helping us find lodging as we move down the road. Thank you so much Helen for your help. We really appreciate all that you are doing! While the rough roads and flat tires could be discouraging, the generosity and encouragement we receive at every stop makes the Spirit of America Ride for Hydrocephalus well worth every challenge.

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