At Celsius, Inc., we love hearing about real people who use our products and get real results. We found the women from “Blonde and Strong” on Instagram. They frequently would post about drinking or enjoying their Celsius as a pre workout drink so we reached out to them to hear what they had to say, and WOW what a wonderful journey they have shared with us. For these two women, it is just the beginning. Thank you “Blonde and Strong” for sharing your Celsius success story with us!

If you are a Celsius drinker, share your story with us and take the Celsius Challenge! All you have to do is incorporate 1 can of Celsius into your daily routine as a pre workout drink or healthy drink alternative. Tag your pictures on social media with #celsiuschallenge and share your story with us here.

Blonde and Stronf Fitness Transformation Celsius ChallengeExactly one year ago, our journey began. From bar hoppers to bar lifters, our lives were changed forever.

Exercise has always been a predominant part of our lives. Allowing us to both become college athletes, our passion to be active and fit was always a priority. Post graduation, we allowed life to get the best of us. Putting the concentration we once had for ourselves, into our careers. Days seemed to become shorter and the excuses began to grow larger. Until one day realizing that we were our own worst enemy.  

Putting the past behind us, we began to focus on a healthy lifestyle change. Though this process has almost defeated us many times, we have been able to push through together. By educating ourselves, it allowed us to progress and stay motivated. Once on track, we decided to take a trip to Miami to reward our hard work and dedication. While there, we visited a local supplement store and spotted a little gem on the shelf, called Celsius. After drinking Celsius as a pre-workout, we had one of the best workouts of our lives. We pushed harder than we had before!

 Upon coming home from our trip, we immediately researched this product to see what it was truly about.  We discovered Celsius was a sugar-free, vitamin enriched drink that provided lasting energy without the crash.  Not only did we realize all of the great benefits, but the taste was unlike any other pre-workout we had ever tried. Immediately, we ordered a surplus of Celsius! 

Now, Celsius has become a part of our daily lives. We use this drink to boost our energy throughout the day, and get us ready to dominate every workout.  As the Blonde and Strong team we have had the opportunity to turn many people on to this incredible product. After trying all the different flavors and products, Raspberry Acai Green Tea has become our favorite. You cannot beat the convenience of the cans, while assisting you in achieving your desired goals. We truly believe in Celsius and what it has done to facilitate us in our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Celsius!” -Blonde and Strong

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