NPC Hopeful Meets IFBB Legend

I was recently flattered by an invitation to share the benefits of Celsius with listeners and fans of "Conny's Health and Fitness." Host Cornelia "Conny" Gyura hosts the popular radio show on the WNN Network broadcasting from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Conny is also the owner of Fit and Fight Gym in Pompano Beach. I met Conny last December and I was thrilled at the opportunity to sit down with her to discuss Celsius and our shared passion for fitness. 

After our brief, initial meeting several weeks ago, I agreed to be a guest on the show so Cornelia and I made an appointment to do a trial run of the topics we would cover on the show. I did not realize this would be an opportunity to get to know someone who had such an inspirational and motivational story. Conny is a former International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) World Champion. Originally from Germany, Conny was the “it” girl as a fitness model in the 1980's. Conny appeared in dozens of magazines as a cover model. She has been featured in books and as a recognized athlete for some of the top supplement companies in the German fitness industry.

If you who have been following my competitions, travels, and writing for Celsius, you know that I compete as a National Physique Committee (NPC) Bikini Competitor with aspirations to earn my professional status (pro card) and enter the IFBB. Conny’s story is similar to one that I would like to look back on for myself one day.

On January 4th, Conny and I recorded the live segment for the one hour radio show. Since I am also in the fitness industry, she named the show “A Professional Approach to Fitness.” During the segment, we compared and contrasted our training and experiences from a competitive standpoint. There were several similarities and also differences in how we trained and prepared for the stage. We also talked about how the industry has changed over the years. Conny’s body type when she was a competitor looks similar to the body type of our modern day Figure competitors. Back in the 1980’s the physique of most female body builders was more feminine than it is today. Since her division carries more muscle mass than the division I compete in (bikini), we also had different opinions and experiences of carbohydrate and water loading/depleting before the show. One thing we did have in common was enjoying that wonderful cheat meal after weeks of dedication and discipline. It was so wonderful hearing about her experiences and learning pointers from a pro! I can only hope to have as much success in the fitness industry as Conny did when she was a competitor.

Thank you so much to Conny for having me on the show to represent Celsius healthy energy drink and allowing me to train at theFit and Fight Gym. You can tune in to Conny’s Health and Fitness Show every Friday from 1-2pm EST and again on Sundays in Boca Raton on 1470 AM, 99.9 FM HD-3, and with the I-Heart Radio App and nationwide at

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