Team Celsius runner, Emily McDivitt,has started her 2014 racing season off with a bang. Emily is a wife and mother who balances family life with staying physically fit. Learn more about how she incorporates Celsius into her daily routine and takes the #CelsiusChallenge below!

” I have always been very active. In middle school I was on the swim team and my coach told me I had very strong legs. Since I had also been volunteering in the medical tent at the finish line at the Boston Marathon with my dad who was a podiatrist at the time, I decided to pick up running instead. I did cross country in high school and college. I also entered in local road races and at one race, I was two seconds off their course record. I stuck with running after college and I began to really improve my time and I often win local road races. I ran the Boston Marathon 3 times with my best time being 3 hrs 52 minutes. I would love to do it again someday. Now I am getting into sprint marathons.

I started drinking Celsius in 2007 after I had been introduced to it at a road race in the Los Angeles area. I use Celsius on my rest days and will even have one AFTER a workout to give me healthy energy all day. When I drink Celsius, I continue to stay strong and feel energized with my workouts and racing. Right now, my favorite flavor is Sparkling Wild Berry.I am thankful to have my husband and son accompany me to the races to take photos of the event.- Emily McDivitt

You can follow Emily and her 2014 race season here.

Are you taking the Celsius Challenge? Sign up here and share your story with us for a chance to be featured on the Celsius website!

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