We might have saved the most appropriate days for the Spirit of America Bike Ride for our last few days in the saddle. We feel like true pioneers out here on the prairie and we are seeing a charming side to our great country. We crossed the 2200-mile mark on Saturday as are cycling onward and upward, higher in elevation and closer every day to Denver. Saturday night, we discovered the Rodeway Inn in Lamar, Colorado – better known as The Cow Palace. This quaint hotel was built in 1972, recently became a Rodeway Inn, and is undergoing renovations. But the burgers in the restaurant need no updating! The “Cowgirl burger” was absolutely the best burger we have had on this trip. Today, Sunday, was a rough ride. We have had our share of wind and difficult weather on this bike ride. Today we were riding straight into a strong wind the entire day. I have developed a “one with the wind” mindset. All I can do to fight the wind against me is find a cadence, put my head down, and fight for every revolution. Mary, on the other hand, is over it. She might not have made a good pioneer out here – although I think she would be very happy to have a horse to do all the work instead of pedaling against these winds.


Tonight, we stopped at Shepp’s Motel and Restaurant in Kit Carson, Colorado. After riding into the wind all day, we arrived later than expected. We called ahead and the owner stayed open for us and even prepared dinner for us when we arrived. I suppose this part of the country has been welcoming weary travelers for hundreds of years. It is a beautiful land but it can be brutal travelling. All along this trip, we have been thankful to have Celsius energy to keep us going and a warm welcome when we got to the end of the road. This ride has shown us the Spirit of America, the same warm welcome and encouragement at every stop along the route. This bike ride has been every bit the adventure we had hoped.


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