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This time, it is YOUR time! This is the year you made the choice to commit to a healthier lifestyle and this is also the year that you WILL stick to it. While you may have made this commitment to yourself in the past, all other attempts may have failed you. In many cases these attempts to get fit never fully worked because you had no game plan to help you reach your goal. For others, you may have woke up one morning and said, “Today, I will make a change to be more fit”. While stating your goals is always great (since you have made a conscious decision that you want to make a change), without having a plan of action or tools to help you along the way, you ultimately are setting yourself up for failure.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself…

Fitness MotivationThis is where Celsius and I step in. Over the next several months, Celsius and I will be providing you with nutrition, training and fitness tips that will help you become the best version of yourself. Making a lifestyle change is not an easy task, I know from my own personal experience and that is why I want to share my tips and tricks that will help you get started on your journey to a happier, healthier and more fit YOU.But let’s face it, even when we try to be dedicated and disciplined, life get’s in the way and is more often than not unpredictable! Get togethers pop up, dinner dates, work functions, you name it- they always TRY to get in the way. With the Fast Track to Fittest program, my goal is to give you pointers and tips that have personally helped me succeed with my health and fitness goals. These are strategies I have used when I hit a rough patch or had an unexpected event and “thought” I blew my diet or derailed my training so much that I would not hit my goals. Rather than give up and give in during these type of situations, allow me to give you some workouts that will whip you into shape and unique tools to help you get back on track after a night out with friends, a missed workout or when life’s usual mishaps begin to creep in.

I Challenge You To Change Your Lifestyle

Angeles Burke IFBB Bikini Pro Celsius Fitness Director

With the Fast Track to Fittest, I challenge you to CHANGE your LIFESTYLE in small steps rather than doing a drastic overhaul that is restrictive and not realistic. Together we can tackle small goals one step at a time.

Each week new posts will be available in the tabs below to help guide you on your journey to becoming healthy and fit.

I look forward to sharing my tips to help you get in the best shape of your life!

Now, I want you to tell me what kind of workouts you would like to see in the Fast Track to Fittest program. Some like running programs others may like at home workouts. This is YOUR program, so leave me a comment so we can make this program work even better for YOU! I will be sure to personally respond to your questions.  Also, be sure to share this page on your social media pages so your friends and family can get on the Fast Track to Fittest too.

Disclaimer*** Before beginning any type of exercise or diet, please consult with your physician. Follow the exercise and nutrition guidelines at your own risk. Celsius Inc. and/or Angeles Burke will not be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of participating in the Fast Track to Fittest series.

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