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Old School Thinking: Hours of cardio, grueling workouts with light dumbbells, 3 gym visits a day…. the only way to get fit.

Who in their right mind has the time to do that? Not many people, that’s for sure.

New School, Healthier and Maintainable Approach: Well balanced nutrition with strength training and cardiovascular exercise (in moderation) to make long term changes to your body composition…the new way to get fit!

You Should Not Have To "Live" In The Gym To Be Fit

Fitness Routine Girl Dita Fraser CelsiusWhile your training is going to be an important part of sculpting your body, you should not have to “live” in the gym. The key to training is having your meal plan in check. Far too often you see people in the gym working for hours. Then they go home, have a big dinner, a few glasses of wine… and some cake …. every night! It is no wonder they cannot lose those stubborn last few pounds. The reality of this situation is that you cannot out train a bad diet- PERIOD! Your training sessions will burn off a good amount of calories if performed with intensity, but you can just as easily “re-eat” those calories leaving you with a surplus of calories that your body does not need to keep you alive and functioning well. Hate to break it to you, but over time these excess calories turn into body fat.

So if you want to “cheat the system” by not having to perform hours of dreaded cardio, don’t cheat on your meal plan!
When just starting out, try to make it to the gym 4 days a week. If you are already an avid gym goer, yet are lacking the results you desire, step it up a notch and either increase your intensity or increase the  duration of your workouts to get the your metabolic ball rolling. I have some great workout ideas and videos coming up in future posts. Please leave a comment below on the types of workouts you want to see or the most effective workouts you have ever tried.

Training Tip: I drink a Celsius 20 minutes before I train as my pre workout drink. This helps keep me energized through my workout and gives me the power to go hard until each rep is completed! Learn more about my favorite pre workout drink on the market here.

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