Celsius negative calorie Drink at IDEA World

Visiting Good Friends and Making New Ones At the IDEA World  Convention in San Diego CA

2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 Drink from CelsiusI have just returned to the office after an exciting time in San Diego attending the IDEA World  Convention.  This was Celsius’ fourth year sampling  our revolutionary negative calorie drink to the Expo attendees and we were on fire reconnecting with good friends and making new ones during the three days of the conference.  A few years ago  Celsius was the only negative calorie drink and one of  very few consumable products featured at the annual Expo. The IDEA Expo has quickly expanded to over 200 exhibitors including fitness equipment manufacturers nutritional supplement companies and professional certification associations.  Celsius has made many friends at the IDEA World Convention and we have built a raving fan base of thousands of fitness experts and enthusiasts from amongst this audience.

Fitness Experts and Enthusiasts From Around the Globe

With over 6000 attendees from all over the world it was exciting to meet loyal Celsius fans who have been revving up their workout for years with Celsius as well as educate new Celsius fans on the benefits of adding Celsius to their workout regimen.

IDEA World has come a long way since the days of high impact aerobics. Fitness trainers and teachers had opportunities to learn and experience new innovative ways to get people off the couch and into the gym – making exercise fun – to attain their fitness and health goals.  

From the Nutrition Pavilion with science based lectures and the “Exertainment” Stage with live fitness demonstrations to the BE: Fueled Cooking Stage IDEA had something for everyone.

Fitness Professionals Recommend Celsius To Their Clients

Celsius 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 Drink before WorkoutIDEA World's theme this year was "BE the Transformation." Fitness professionals have tremendous power to transform themselves and influence their clients to live happier and healthier lives through improved fitness. We share IDEA's vision of "redefining fitness goals for the future" and that Celsius plays a part in helping individuals maximize their exercise efforts.

We heard from many attendees that Celsius is one of the most effective tools they use to help their clients get the most out of their workout because it really works! These professionals offer Celsius to their clients for reduced body fat improved endurance increased metabolism lasting energy and of course a sustained calorie burn. For them and for their clients Celsius is the perfect companion to a healthy diet.  With seven clinical university studies 12 international awards for great taste and multiple delivery systems (ready-to-drink on-the-go stick packets and powder canisters) who could ask for more!

More Rewards To Better Health and Fitness

IDEA World sampling 2ecee42d-ac29-4f3c-bfd4-519984a6d866 drinkAt IDEA World last week we also previewed a new “Earn While You Burn Club” rewards program.  This  commission-based program allows fitness professionals to offer a 10% discount to their clients and earn a 20% commission on all Celsius online orders.  It’s simple for the professional; all they need is a coupon code.  The program was well received and we look forward to growing the Club. If you were not able to attend IDEA World in San Diego watch for more information coming soon about this exciting new program.

A special thanks to the IDEA team for making this the most exciting EXPO yet and attracting the “best of the best” fitness professionals this industry has to offer.  To get a real feel for the EXPO check out the photos.  Now I’m off to see  where I can fit in an extra Zumba class this week! 

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